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AKIA’s mission is to represent aircraft kit manufacturers, designers, suppliers and supporters with a unified voice in the promotion and safety of the Aircraft Kit Industry.

Members of AKIA are committed to enhancing safety by sharing their knowledge and expertise with each other as well as with the FAA and NTSB. The group is seeking to establish standards in how people approach the first pre-flight, Phase One flight testing and training in type. They are committed to preserving the regulatory environment that allows individuals the freedom to build and fly their own aircraft.

The first aircraft that flew was a bold experiment. Amateurs built it and they were successful. Thus the concept of “homebuilding” was born with the Wright Flyer. In 1911, Glenn Curtiss began selling aircraft kits that included plans and the materials it took to build an aircraft. Today the tradition of kit built and scratchbuilt airplanes continues as a growing part of the Experimental Amateur Built (EAB) movement. It has become a dynamic, vibrant industry that incorporates the latest ideas in technology and innovation. AKIA exists to make more people aware of the educational and recreational benefits of aircraft construction. The organization works with all venues to promote the values of building and flying EAB airplanes.

AKIA is made up of the corporations that have a vested interest in the EAB movement. Some companies design and sell EAB kits; others produce components or sell plans and materials packages. Still others produce engines, write about EAB, or provide services that are relevant to it. At the core of AKIA is a passion for aviation, for making it safer and for attracting more people to the thrills of building and flying their own aircraft.

AKIA has established a number of committees charged with the responsibility to establish criteria for making homebuilding and flight in a homebuilt aircraft safer. Membership is open to any company that has a vested interest in homebuilt aircraft.

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